Chehalis, WA (old)

Chehalis Store Information Coming Soon

The original Yard Birds store in Chehalis is now the home of the Sunbirds Shopping Center.

7 thoughts on “Chehalis, WA (old)

  1. I remember Yard Birds having a gorilla in a cage. Do you? I can’t remember what the gorilla was called. Do you?

  2. Yard Birds never had a Gorilla. That was the B&I in Tacoma and the name of the gorilla was Ivar. Ivar lived in the B&I for roughly 25 years. Ivar was a very large silverback gorilla. I grew up watching Ivar grow up too. My parents would take me to see Ivar though out my childhood. When I was a young father of two girls I then would take my children to see Ivar until Ivar was moved to a gorilla sanctuary where he was the biggest male silverback in the sanctuary. Ivar had been isolated for so many years that he never interacted with the other gorillas in the sanctuary. I believe Ivar has passed away now but to my delight there was a movie made about the great Ivar. I don’t remember for certain the name of the movie but I do believe it’s called Ivar. It was very hart warming and brought back many memories watching it with my oldest daughter. If you new Ivar I highly recommend watching it. But with all this said I do realize no one will probably ever read this.. hahaha

    1. I read it.and i thamkyou for the kindness of sharing your memeories. Please know Ivar will never be gone so long as his friends remember him.

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