Childhood Memories

Thank you so much for this website! I grew up literally at Yard Birds – my father, Jack Williams, started at the original store known as Sun Birds, then moved to the big store where he was the shoe store manager. I was born in 1965, so I spent my childhood all the time there, from getting all my mary jane shoes fitted by my father, running through the toy department, eating 8 cent donuts or free popcorn with my yard bird tokens. I took dance lessons upstairs. I even was there the day the big bird outside burned down – broke this little girl’s heart!

How I miss those parking lot sales, playing with the free puppies, talking to the mynia bird, buying my girl scout outfits – oh the myriad of memories! I truly look forward to seeing the documentary and I plan on taking my dad with me.

Thanks again!

Regan S.

My Dad was the manager of the Bi Lo Foods inside of the Chehalis Yard Birds when I was growing up. There were times when my mom brought us there to pick him up and while we were waiting, Yard Birds was our playground. We would go look at toys or shove a bunch of quarters in that nesting chicken thing, the thing that would cluck and lay an egg that would hold a little prize. (My Dad HATED that thing, he said it drove him crazy) I miss having the Yard Birds in Olympia and now that I know there is still one around, I will have to let my kid in on the joy that I had when I was his age…

Tara M.

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  1. My Grandfather Tony Narvestad worked at the Chehalis Yard Birds in the 1960’s, he retired as the manager of the furniture department. When visiting my Grandparents it was magical to go to the store with him, you were greeted by a huge talking Yard Bird and kept happy looking at all the sale items, toys and gadgets! I remember one summer my Grandpa bought each one of his four granddaughters four pairs tennis shoes of various colors! Later, as teenagers we begged our parents to get us a puppy that we named Kona. She was a female “Bengi” type dog, escape artists and friends with all the neighbors for miles!
    Everyone that worked there knew my Grandpa and greeted us like we were family too! Those were the days my friend!!!

  2. I moved to Chehalis in 1982 and only spent one year there. Yard Birds was the coolest store and when I think of my year in Washington I always think of it, along with fond memories of W.F. West and the beauty of the Northeast.

  3. From 1961 to 1968 my family lived in Hockinson, WA. My grandparents lived in Kent and Poulsbo so we traveled to see them several times a year. And sometimes we stopped by the Yard Birds. It was always fun to see all that the store had. I was particularly fascinated by the Magpies in the pet department. Those were good times and are still good memories!

  4. yard Birds had the best popcorn does a yone know what kind of oil flavoring they used. I remember that mynia bird that talked too! and also giant toads in the petstore. My mom still lives in Centralia and every time I drive by I,m reminded of many of the memories mentioned above.

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