1981 Tour of Yard Birds

Paul Downing illustrated these panels for a newspaper feature while working at Yard Birds.

2 thoughts on “1981 Tour of Yard Birds

  1. I was reading about the British rock group The Yardbirds and in the spring of 1968 they played an outdoor concert in “Centralia/Chehalis”. Could it have been at the Yardbirds shopping mall?

    It was cited on the blog Yardbirds 1968 which named every concert they played from March through June of that year. The group broke up shortly thereafter.

    I would love to visit your mall.

    1. Thanks for letting us know about that blog post! We have never heard about the Yarbirds playing in the area. I did check with my contact at the local history museum and they had not heard of that either. We will ask around and see if anyone can remember anything.

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