Bird Fire

In 1976 the proud 60′ tall mascot of the Chehalis store caught fire and was burned to a crisp. According to reports a car had an engine fire while driving between its legs. The fire jumped to the bird, which had been recently varnished. We have been told that the bird had a sprinkler system installed, but that it had been damaged due to freezing the previous winter and had not been repaired yet.

2 thoughts on “Bird Fire

  1. My mother is actually friends with the former classmate of the daughter of the woman who’s car caused the fire. Fun fact!

  2. I grew up in Chehalis and was 11 in 1976. I remember playing in the yard and seeing a big column of black smoke.

    Some of the crusty old guys in town muttered that it was deliberately staged by the owners as a publicity stunt.

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